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Bonsai means tree in pot. Without the tree there is no bonsai. Without the pot there is no bonsai. The tree and pot work in harmony to provide the foundation of bonsai.  
If the tree and pot are in conflict the overall flow of the piece is lost. If they are in harmony you've created true art. A good bonsai not only has a good pot; it has the right pot. 
This page will grow with time. There is a vast amount of information available online regarding bonsai pots. To get an idea just do a google search for bonsai pot. Then click images. I hope you have a day or so available to look at all of the pictures that will be displayed. I will try to provide a "map of the stars" view of some of these sites. 
Ryan Bell has a Blog with information on all things related to Bonsai pottery. It is a great resource for information on pot identification.
Wonderful information on combining the right pot with the right tree including proportions and colors.
This site has some good information and diagrams of the basic proportions to consider when combining a tree and a pot.
Club member Mark Isenberg makes pots at Lookout Mountain Pottery
Ron Lang has a page that provides a lot of information on pot construction and style. This is one of the most complete pot composition sites I have seen.
This is a listing of North and South American bonsai potters. It provides a short bio, examples and links to their web sites. There is even a map.
Tokoname is one of the oldest and best known Japanese bonsai potters.
The Yixing region of China is the home of purple clay. Don't worry. The pots aren't purple. This is one of the oldest sources of bonsai pottery.
If you are ambitious; this will give you a start to make your own bonsai pottery.