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July Workshop & Club Meeting
Date: 7/22
History of the Atlanta Bonsai Society
1963- Club organized with 50 members
1964- First show at the Riviera Hotel - Peachtree Street
1965- First juried show = Southeastern Fair
1967- Established "Bonsai Garden" at the Atlanta Botanical Garden including a Japanese lantern donated by Kaoshima, Japan
1968- The "Bonsai Garden" now the Japanese Garden, was dedicated to the founder of the Atlanta Bonsai Society, Dr. A.L. Stevens
1969- Southern Living Sho, Bonsai Exhibition - Atlanta Civic Center with Southeastern Associates and the Bonsai Society of the Carolinas
1970- Bonsai Exhibit at the High Museum of Art featuring John Naka
1973- Hosted World Bonsai Conference - featuring American trees
1980- Spring show held at Lenox Square through the early 1980's 
1981- Hosted Bonsai Clubs International (BCI) Convention
1985- Spring show in Day Hall - Atlanta Botanical Garden 
1990- Support for the creation of the Nort AmericanBonsai Pavilion (The Naka Pavilion) Washington D.C.
1993- 30th year Anniversary Show - included other Asioan cultural art forms
1994- From the 1993 show, the Asisn Cultual Experience (ACE) was organized and is now an annual event which showcases Asion cultural art forms including Bondai and Penjing
1995- Contributed to the Chinese Scholar Studio at the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum in Washington, D.C. in tribute to Jean C. Smith
1996- Contributed to the renovation of the Japanese garden at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  At the third annual conference, initated the formation of the Southeastern Federation (SEF), a coalition of bonsai societies in the southeast to better share information and interest.
2003- 40th year Anniversary Show
2013- 50th year Anniversary Show